Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Overheard over the phone!

Crash Burn (in Seattle, on phone w/me): Wow you're off the hook today! What's this column here, "Women I worship who wouldn't give me the time of day"?

Me: Just the hottest women in the Blogosphere. I propose marriage to them regularly!

CB: Isn't Breda Fallacy married?

Me: Yeah, I'd have to take Mike too, Can't break up a set!

CB: They should all say yes at the same time....

Me: And if I ever win the lottery,

CB: which is hard when you don't buy tickets,

Me: uh huh, if I ever do, I'll be able to support all of them at once!

CB: I love you man! but, have you ever looked in the mirror?

Me: No, it throws a shadow over my positive self image!

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