Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh Yeah?

I was informed that it was totally inappropriate to sing Rob Halford's "Made of Metal", whilst driving my 2005 VW New Beetle. I was quick to inform the young snot wearing a Spokane Police jumpsuit, I'd face him and whatever he fancied as a muscle car, and take them both roughly from behind, with my off the shelf VW. I happen to know what a police crown vic does 0 to 80 in, and I know what my 'dub' can do it in.

And my fat, middle aged, reflexes might give him an edge, if some bio-rhythm junkie can figure out when he's having his best day, and I'm having my worst.


I'm Heavy Metal...
He's Hip-Hop Cop...
He's so toast! I was laughingly outrunning cops
in a Ford Pinto, before he got his first onesie.

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