Saturday, March 26, 2011

Retro - Means Backwards!

Some twelve years ago, I got into the world of tattooing. I had a morbid interest in the tattoo machines. At the very rough strokes they were a doorbell buzzer. Don't laugh! the doorbell buzzer is also the very beginning of radiotelegraphy.

I was actually quite famous for my handmade tattoo machines. I found old doorbells around, and made them into tattoo machines. Sold them on a fledgeling online auction service called eBay.

Now I am going the opposite direction.

Take a cheap, but rugged, Tattoo Machine.
Replace the armature bar with one that has a stem and clapper attached.
I'm experimenting with 4 and 6 inch bells.
Adjusting the wall wart power supply to make it ring just right.

I first entered tattooing, making tattoo machines from doorbells...
...Now I'm making a doorbell from a tattoo machine!
It should come in cheaper than buying a regular $9.99 bell buzzer, and power transformer from Ace Hardware. Plus I got springs from a closet light that will make a tough, 2" door bell button.

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