Friday, March 4, 2011

Lady Liberty gets new dress!

The Muslim group Sharia4America is going to protest in Washington DC.

Among other things they want to put a Burkha on the Statue of Liberty.

At first I was outraged. Then I thought.

If a bunch of people who were considered stone age savages in the 15th century wish to impose their laws upon us, then we will use their law to destroy them. If they wish to impose their law upon us, we will execute them for daring to oppose the holy and just government of the united states.

Hmmm, where did I put that Kukri?

And if they wish to cover the Statue of Liberty in large heavy cloth, so that their unter menschen won't be moved by her sinful beauty to commit rape against her green copper person....

I'd actually like to see those folks cover her up in a 151 foot tall Burkha.
if they're actually trying to oppose the sexual expression inherent in a 125 year old copper statue, laughing at them might be the best weapon.

Somewhere in my junk I have a Barbie-Sized replica of Lady Liberty.
Anyone wanna sew me up a barbie burkha (Burqa?)?

But keep the 1911 .45 -another expression of fine sculpture, and cooperation between American and French interests- handy...

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