Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spotted Dick

These are the things that caused a couple places in the UK to so
rename the traditional dessert!

"You'll never eat my Spotted Dick again with that behavior!"
"I'm not the sort to shove my Spotted Dick down anyone's throat!"
"You just can't wait to get a taste of my Spotted Dick"
"I'll just whip this out!"

Sorry! Tam posted a reference earlier this last week.
It engendered a craving, and I busted out 4 different Steamed
Sponge Puddings.  Thank God for microwave ovens.

In fact it was the fact that with a microwave oven, I could bust out a
personal chocolate cake in less than 10 minutes.  A veritable corelle ware
ding-dong.  It was a gentleman of British extraction, who informed me
that a spoonful of raisins would turn my guilty pleasure into a Spotted Dick.

Roberta X was right.   Chocolate cake in less than 5 minutes is DANGEROUS!

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