Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Toy

picture to follow. the Nokia 770 is proving quite useful in my little life. It's what the Apple Newton showed promise of being. It's a stash of all my puppy pictures of Chester, my Rottweiler, and steadying influence. It's the place where I stash the copy of that novel I'm trying to write. It's not a phone, but I can put a spare copy of my phone book there. In a pinch I can make calls through the net with it. I can keep those dozen or so lovely pics of the sweet 28 year old girl who would later become Dr. Laura Schlessenger. She has the nicest abs, eight sweet squares. I can read my Gutenberg Project selections. I'd like to get a download of a Calvin Bible. I'm also keeping my mail list of correspondence, and Christmas cards there, and backed up on the laptop. I'm stopping at 50 cards this year, so everyone expecting a paper snail mail card better have been nice and naughty this year......

Lastly, I'm keeping my e-bay lists organized on it, And the laptop, so I can sell my junk and move sooner.

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