Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Whatever

Dad, the Evil Roomie, and I had kind of a sucky Christmas. I made sure Chester and Ruby, the dogs had a great one. Ruby, the 1/4 Dingo Cocker Spaniel, is on a bit of a diet, so she got home made lamb stew. No salt, and 3 half mile walks in a day. Chester, my web-savvy Rottweiler, got a helping of stew, and any table scraps, he could bum. Ruby knows she's being put on a diet so she's cranky with Chester, the neighbor dogs, and she's looking to take a big old 'Bah Humbug' chunk out of anyone she feels she can get away with it with. Chester gets the same walks she does, just separated as I don't see the humor in being leash tied every time I go out. I suspect Chester will get the no-salt diet soon. He already gets a 1 ounce drink of glucosamine chrondroitin twice daily.

All of my local friends heard about my Mom passing on the 13th, and I got enough booze to re-gift after I filled my liquor cabinet. If I do resume drinking, -my stomach has presidential veto powers- I'll have enough to do it in style. The single-malt scotch crowd is well represented, though I got half gallons of scotch, bourbon, american, canadian, gin, rum. representing most of the major brands...

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