Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Support the good guys --- GUN BUY BACK!

I was thinking of organizing a gun buy-back. I watched one of these over in Seattle. Now as someone who has to keep buying the t shirt that says "I'm not your fucking social worker!", cos I and the charity cases keep forgetting that. I have seen my fair share of "DRIVES". This gun buy-back was the ultimate cluster you know what! I watched a 12 year old hand in a $2000.00 colt python for $25.00 at a mc donalds. while a zinc replica from collectors armory brought $75 in funny money good only at Four Seasons. Plus they used no security, and half the guns were stolen from the van they were putting them in. they were having a gun buy-back, and someone else had a gun steal-back.

I mean the bad guys have these functions all the time, at least if I threw one, the guns would find good homes....

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