Monday, August 18, 2008

I am such a Effing TECHNO STUD!!!

the first picture below is a comparison between the BL-5C battery from my cheap Tracfone, and the BL-5B from my Tmobile Nokia 5300 Xpress Music Phone. I obtained a spare battery for the 5300, but no desk charger. Somewhere I have one for the Tracfones.

kinda hard to put one in another phone huh?

thats the BL-5C at home.......
That's the phone making ready for a Guest Star!
There's the BL-5b propped in by it's big brother and a toothpick.

Another View.......
Didn't take no time at all to charge, I'd have some shots of my 5300, but it were taking the pics.

I have a history of making one phone charge, and use another's batteries.

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