Monday, August 18, 2008

NOT a babysitter for the faint of heart!

Well I'm officially my Father. I swore I wouldn't become him, but apparent biology and nurture creates a powerful destiny. I spent most of yesterday acting as an unwilling babysitter to a brood of four. The kids are delightful, sharp, open, questioning, curious. The mother and grandmother are coarse and rude. After three or four hours of listening to these two women try to see how many times they could insert the word FUCK into one word, let alone one sentence, I created a ditty for the kids to sing in hopes of throwing a spotlight on the elders' moronic behavior.

Oh! The Fucking Fucker's Fucked to Fuck!
I really can't believe our fucking luck!
It's so fucking jammed and we're fucking stuck!
Cause.... The Fucking Fucker's Fucked to Fuck!

Between that, and teaching them to hit things with a BB gun or an arrow,
Plus general hardcore Democrat abuse, I'm a REEEAAALLLL BBBAAAADDDDDD BBBOOOYYYY!


WyzWmn© said...

I think we're related...

John B said...

Having read your site, I suspect we have way more in common than either of us would even want to be forced to admit to.