Thursday, August 28, 2008

Laughing Locksmith is hurting badly!

My own true love and I were reunited. All misunderstandings forgiven, forgotten!
She had met a friend, and She couldn't wait to have us meet each other.
Her new friend is a woman I considered my baby sister 20 years ago.
This woman was badly hurt tonight, and I'm trying to be patient while the cops do their methodical bit.
But If I'm not heard from for 6 weeks, you may assume I cheerfully went to prison,
for beating to death that which hurt her.


Brigid said...

I hope she will be OK.

john said...

she is sounding better, but her wallet was lost in the vehicle of that which raped her. There's armed bikers in her house 24/7. I sincerely hope he tries something, and I'm there for it. Not even angry anymore, just deadly calm and that's never a good sign w/me.

Thanks for the message Brigid! You're a good wonderful caring woman! I hope we meet in more mellow times!

Brigid said...

I know all about deadly calm.

I have my "Mom, dog person, cook mode" and the "sniper mode" you can see the difference by the look in the eye.

I'm glad she has friends.

John B said...

The cops got the guy which saves me from prison. Though her other friends are of the variety who might just go to jail in order to help this guy hang himself in his cell.

He has been raping prostitutes, and any others that were unfortunate to be in his "hunting ground". He's basically cooperating fully with the authorities so as to avoid an unfortunate occurrence at the courthouse.

can you say Jack Ruby?

We sent him a picture of a dozen bikers standing around a body bag, with the flap open like a bedcover...

Marginal Intimidation? Or a flat statement of what he has to look forward to?

Thanks for your support and wisdom during this time. If it wasn't for the fact that I wouldn't be allowed to read your blog. Tam, Roberta, Breda, and Crystal figure in there too, not necessarily in that order.