Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm being Stalked!

By my Girlfriend's Girlfriend no less. Her actions have practically assured that my girlfriend will be my faithful helpmate, and bear me strong sons and daughters, whether I want her to or not. Now if this woman/child looked like Sharon Stone or even Glenn Close, I'm talking about the stalker here, she'd probable bait her hook, and try again. Unfortunately She's less than palatable, and I guess she figures if she fights hard enough, I'll get disgusted and leave. Scary part is that I'm not even sure I want to keep this woman, my girlfriend, she fights with my friends, and throws ultimatums in my face too often.

UPDATE: The Lesbian Lover of my girlfriend, and stalker of Yours truly is a super deadbeat. All I gotta do is drop a half dollar, and call support enforcement.

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