Saturday, September 6, 2008

oh yeah!

by the way, the girl friend and I are off again. Anytime I don't do exactly as she wants, whether she articulates her wishes to me or not, she immediately finds the most hateful, hurtful thing to do in revenge. She really doesn't want to play that game with me. When it comes to revenge, I could instruct Renaissance Italians. Her going out to the Gay Bar, and finding the most hideous lesbian to play with is tacky, even by my admittedly low standards.

My first impulse is to have a weekend fling with her former roomie. The person she most detests below all others aside from her ex husband.

I'll be the bigger man, and just have a conciliatory threesome with Rosy and Lefty!


Rayna said...

sorry to read you have to deal with such, ahem, fecal matter. I admire your sense of humor...

John B said...

thanx rayna, I was going to check our your blog, but you're set to private. You're my 10th unique fan! Something should be done to celebrate!