Monday, September 22, 2008

stalker alarm clock

woke me at 5:19 this morning. I successfully goaded her into speaking, a confirming bit. I'm documenting as well as I can, seeing that I'm 15+ years out of my fone phreak days, thus a little short on phone taps for Nokia cell phones. With the new single party consent laws, I don't even have to worry about legal backlash like I did in the old days.

In the old days, I'd just chain her name, address, and phone number out on a sex offender board and let her deal with her new-found popularity.

I never liked the good guys on tv or the comics, they never got to kill the bad guys, and a bad guy you don't kill, is one who will be back in your face one way or another.

I have had this conversation with friends, usually on the side of the angels, killing someone is easy, living with yourself afterwards is the hard part.

No matter how bad the person was, or how good you are, and your reasons for having to kill him, you still have to live with the person you have become. I sometimes have problems enough looking the man in the mirror straight in the eye. I'd never be able to shave properly again if I killed someone without a dammed good reason.

I've pulled down a house, that had been rented by someone unfortunate enough to be my enemy. That basically gave me the reputation for being someone not to mess with.

Any suggestions on how to deal with the Mad Lesbian Stalker, without mayhem -or lawyers- would be greatly appreciated.....

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