Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Piercing Commentary

One of the resident house-apes, the oldest one, wants to have her tongue pierced for her 12th Birthday. I actually have no standing or authority to tell her no. I did dig out my kit, from the time, before time, that I was a professional piercer. Yeah like I said in a prior post, there are things, and deeds, in my life, I'd rather not admit to. I figure I can get a pair of Pennington forceps out, and let her sit quietly, for several sessions of five minutes each, with that clamp on her tongue. Sort of training for the main event. I worked under a piercer that used to keep the clamp on for five minutes, before he'd even do the look through the tongue with the light. He got the cash in advance for the piercing, so if they chickened out, or just left in a huff, he was that much richer. I actually made excellent money, but I lacked the sadistic streak to enjoy the work. I'm not the BDSM Master I pretend to be. But keep that to yourself mr and ms intarwebz.....

Any other tips to dissuade a young woman from growing up to fast?

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