Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Calling all old pharts!

My young friend Matt has provoked a thought with me!

Where were you during the 4th of July 1976?

I was a dewy, fresh-faced 14 year old young lad.
and despite a flag-worshipping ritual seemingly designed to do the exact opposite.
I still belived in....
One Nation!
Under God!
with Liberty!
and Justice!
for All

My last Girlfriend was born in 1971.
By the time she left elementary school,
that pesky ritual of gratitude for freedom was gone.

My fear is that in the next 4 years, that pesky freedom will be gone.

Why don't we just give up on this silly mass experiment in mob rule?
I mean the SciFi channel is rebranding itself SyFy.
What a concept!
just by shifting spelling you can take something away from the people at large,
and burn your own personal brand into it's most tender parts.
Abbie Hoffman tried to rebrand the United States into Amerika.
He failed. America was too big at the time.

It has gotten much smaller!

This time a free press, wanting to impose the three Orwellian principles upon the remainants of former greatness, combined with a slick advertizing campaign to promote a candidate slightly left of Joseph Stalin.

Since they won we really aren't The United States of America anymore.
we are.......
an Obama-Nation. -sound it out-

That should please the Muslims.
They've been calling us that for ages now.
Our Dear Leader is ALL about pleasing them.
Not much about pleasing us.

I'm sorry! I'm not drinking anymore, and I drank away better 4ths than this.

I've drank better FIFTHS!!!!

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