Monday, July 27, 2009

TV unRealism

we got this guy wound up on cop shows....

and his friends!

You guys have got to stop watching TV! I mean if you stroke out, my fat lazy ass will have to come off disability to do your jobs.

I mean, it’s not like it’s going to get done by Hollywood.

Breathe, count to 10, and switch the set to Doctor Who.

…And I better not hear any grousing about him saving the known universe in 60 minutes, or “That’s not how you overamp a fibulating gonkulator”

c'mon kids, we're talking a medium that portrayed Mary Kay LeTourneau as a hapless victim and her 12 year old lover as a sex predator.

Or how about that splendid portrayal of Randy Weaver's kids wearing Nazi uniforms.

come to think about it, there's a snap somewhere that would blast my friends chances for public office. If one cropped out the leather-jacketed "Zeyons" and the two guys in Star Trek Shirts.

Some day we'll have to discuss the Jewish Nazi Fetish...........

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