Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My final word on Michael Jackson

Everyone. He's dead! You can't hurt his feelings, and you lessen yourselves in my eyes trying to.
He admittedly paid $30 Million dollars, rather than be pestered by a child molestation lawsuit. I personally had a problem with the prosecutor spending more time on TV, than in the courtroom. Nobody knows for sure if he's guilty. Both sides made sure of that. I also had a problem with the people who despite ample evidence of his eccentricities, still brought their kids to Neverland Ranch. I mean using your own kids as cannon fodder for a civil suit. That's really raw.

If the internet was composed of what Jack Webb referred to as "members of the human race", we could all just agree to let the guy go to his rest, and maybe enjoy his music when it played on the radio.

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