Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Favorite Knife

I have had some lovely knives come through my life. In fact I may still bludgeon to death the schoolyard bully, and his twin brother, who stole my first real knife 40 years ago. I have a pair of Applegate Fairbairn folders. I saw the original A-F in Soldier of Fortune magazine back in the 80's, and did not think I could part with $385.00 for a knife. After all, I had a perfectly good Stainless Steel US marked Military Scout knife with Camillus 1969 imprinted on the base of the main knife blade. I always looked askance at the Swiss Army Knives. After all, if you have four blades designed to cut, screwdrive, open bottles, open cans, and punch holes in leather, what more do you really need? I used to react to the corkscrew with hilarity. Later I'd carry a couple in my car when I drove pizza. Those Yuppies loved their corked wine. I'm more a Boones Farm Strawberry Hill man myself. And I was Johnny-on-the-spot with the bottle opener when non-twist-top beer caps came back. I broke the tip of the blade trying to remove a phillips screw. A philosopher by nature, I sharpened the blunt edge, and vowed not to make that mistake again.

I lost that knife, when my RV burned to the frame. A true companion since 1970 and the third grade. I had put it up in a utility drawer, as I didn't wish to lose it. I had taken to carrying a Swiss Army knife. And a cheap one-bladed folder for regular cutting work. I figured for the last ten years, I wouldn't cry over the loss of a knife costing five dollars or less. I sure wept when I lost that Camillus. I have one from 1985. It doesn't sport the easy opening peg on the screwdriver/bottle opener blade. I carry a Wenger Swiss Army that is the first of it's sort NOT to have a corkscrew. As I don't drink wine or have a pizza drving job anymore, I'd be hard pressed to even find a corkscrew in my kitchen. I still miss that knife, and unlike Dan'l Boone or Davy Crockett, I never even gave it a name.....

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