Wednesday, January 13, 2010

logic bomb

I left this on a blog after a gun, anti-gun, debate.
The gunners were making valid, succinct, points.
The antis were threatening fisticuffs, and editing the pro's posts.

I left this regarding a Palin debate.
It's too good to go in the bit bucket.
Plus at this point I'm trying to preserve my personal history.
here goes........

I was with the SEIU back in the early days after 9-11.
At one point, politics making strange bedfellows,
I found myself marching in a peace rally with
The Peace and Justice Action League.
My fellow marcher and wing woman was a classic Hippy.
She would not have looked out of place teaching Head Start in 1969.
She bemoaned the fact that we kept voting in the wrong politicians.
If we could just vote in the right politicians......
I had to set her right. Not as a right-wing slobbering gun psycho,
But as someone who had taken college logic classes.
And as someone who had worked at a customer call center.

Darling woman, you defined the problem, and ignored it at the same time.
The problem isn't voting for the wrong politician....
The problem isn't voting for the right politician....
The problem is voting for the politician....
STOP voting for the politician....

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