Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hack-a-sauris Rex

About three months ago, I went on the low sodium kick.
Unlike the true Nazis in the pursuit of better health,
I can't throw out all the salt shakers in the house.
I bought Kosher Salt and a half dozen sea-salt grinders.
I have a couple of shakers that will grudgingly dispense large granule salt.

The grinders were bought from the spice rack, and were intended for single use.
I unwittingly bought two brands Medallion and McCormick.
The grinder caps just screw off the Medallion brand.
I'm a great fan of screwing off, just ask anyone I used to work for.
I could get a job done in a third the time, just so I could get to the screwing off part.

The McCormick has a proprietary style of grinder, the glass jar has no threads.
Just four nubs that interface with one of the plastic grinder wheels.
(pictures to follow I hope)
And the cap has a ring at the base that engages a ring at the lip of the glass.
By sacrificing one empty grinder, I now know how to refill and reuse the
McCormick grinders. Effectively making Schilling/McCormick my bitch.

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