Tuesday, July 20, 2010

can you help out a fellow american?

Breda, also known and loved as "The worlds most dangerous Librarian", is trying to win a contest.

The Firearm Blog, in conjunction with The Lucky Gunner ammo sales are hosting a blog contest.

Now over on Breda's blog in the comments I started a buy .380 ammo for Breda pledge drive, the idea being that if 20 of up ponied up $20.00, she could buy a 1000 lot of ammo, and we'd be spared her waif-like rendition of Oliver Twist. "Please Sah, could I have some more"!

Just Kiddin' Breda Darlin', you know we all love you.

I'm one to talk, can anyone tell me which Bogie movie I quoted in the title?

If I win this contest, I'll have it shipped to Willoughby Ohio.
For better or worse, when I think of Breda and Mike, I think of that Twilight Zone episode.......

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