Monday, July 5, 2010

Most deliberate provocation to fury!

Barry O is a rank amateur compared to this guy.

I was at the range plinking targets back when a twenty and a five would score 200 rounds of Winchester .45. I had beside me a butterfly net set to catch the ejected cases. Though I wouldn't reload for another ten years, the brass could be used to trade for reloaded ammo.

The guy two stalls down for me had my unbridled admiration. He was shooting a long revolver. Either .44 or .45 long colt. After he fired the cylinder, he would empty the fired cases into a three pound coffee can. I smiled and nodded at him when our eyes met. I was thinking what a practical, prudent, frugal guy he was, I had Lee Loaders in both calibers. I'm the sort who soaks up miscellaneous tools.

We finished up about the same time. While I scrambled to police up my brass that evaded my net, he cleaned the chambers and the barrel of his revolver. I picked up the final bits of brass, and watched as my neighbor with the cased revolver picked up the can with his ready to reload brass, and took it over, and unceremoniously dumped it out into the garbage can.

My shooting buddy put a cautioning hand on my arm, she honestly expected my head to explode! She put a cautioning finger on my lips. Opened her range bag, to reveal a nested series of kitchen canisters. She dug out all the 9mm and .38/.357 calibers. I took the biggest can, and dug out ALL the rest of them.

Brigid said that the guy in the T-Shirt with the ammo cans was probably the smartest shooter. I carry a metal popcorn can with a carry bail. It's surrounded by a 3 gallon plastic bucket that can carry out all the brass that anyone is foolish to throw away. and any empty ammo boxes. Handy in the carry can is a couple of fine mesh bags for those days when the brass literally covers the floor.

If the current trend continues I'll be including a brush and dust pan in the popcorn can.

In other related news, the roomie, probably with significant coaching from Dad, managed to sort out the large primer Fiocchi .45 from the small, and as an added incentive, left all 250 in five trays on the work table next to my Dillon loader.

I guess I'll let her off with a light Keel-Hauling.
Now which one of my boat owning friends would let me do that.
I'd look damn silly trying to keel haul someone in a canoe, or zodiac raft.

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