Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everything old is new again!

Except my 48 year old ass.

I was watching Future Weapons, they are talking up Bottle Necked Pistol Cartridges like they are the newest, latest, wowest, thing!

Bull Cookies!

the oldest round is the .30 Mauser similar to the 7.62x25mm. and it originates in 1896.

This used to be sold in the gun shows in the form of the Tokarev and the CZ-52 with the salesman from the gun store exulting, This is the only round that will go through body armor. I grabbed a much-abused kevlar panel and tried it out,

As Meat Loaf sang "Two out of three aint bad"... Unless of course you were wearing that panel.

I'm sure with pointy rounds, molybdenum coated if necessary, that could be made into three out of three.

I fear a future of kevlar-wearing, kool-aid swilling, hard, pipe hitting, zombies.
and like Torchwood, I will be ready!

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