Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my rowdy friends

A bunch of about 15 or so people who's main interest in life was downing a fifth or emptying a keg. Say what you will, and the Spokane Police Department said plenty, they were a bunch who enjoyed the moment. Not one of them would have ever struck a woman, except for the women. The women never would have struck out at a man.

I'd never even considered that anyone would. If someone told me, I'd -for a short while- make a living off this unique misery, I'd have laughed in their face.

I'm more likely to meet Jimmy Joe Bob, than one of Spokane's Finest. If you take into account that the cops are usually looking for me. For advice if nothing else.

Despite the fact that I started out an aspiring criminal mastermind, I'm usually more law abiding than the cops.

I used to rekey locks after domestic violence episodes. One time the perp showed back up, armed with knife, and demanded a key. while he tried the key in the lock, -it didn't work- I brained him. Well, I hit him hard in the head. Zombies would have starved on him. The cops showed up and asked me, politely, to stop standing over him with a hammer. I desisted, and complemented the officer on his polished manners.

He thanked me and expressed disbelief that I subdued the idiot with a vicious minimum of 100MPH tape. Wrists and ankles.

Ironically that was used as leverage to make me turn that charitable venture over to a group of extreme feminists, who later damn near beat a guy to death.

Pity he turned out to be the DV Victim.

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