Friday, October 8, 2010

Brigid come home!

Like the comely Brigid, I am on the road, South Carolina to be exact. Unlike her I am not inspired to poetry, only a little sulfurous name calling upon the corporation in China that manufactured a cheap and suicidal replacement charger/power supply for the Acer Netbook. It went pop earlier tonight, I got a replacement winging my way from a guy in Indiana. I just read my favorite blogs, read the comics, watched a little porn. I have a similar story from the dawn of computers that I'll share when I'm plugged in to a wall outlet again.

I know that if I vanished tomorrow, it would be ages before my absence were felt or even noted. but could those of you who do note my existence out here in Blogland, say a little prayer for my safety and comfort!

Here is scenic South Carolina, I met the delightful lady that my sister Susan is trying to fix me up with, her name is Beth, and it isn't going to happen. Beth is a darling girl, but I'm still hurting over Denice. Helping my wounds to heal is too extreme a task to lay on her shoulders.

It's 6:30am South Carolina time, 3:30 in Spokane, Washington.

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