Thursday, October 28, 2010

I had a dream!

Well Tam revealed a dream she had on her blog.

I had a totally hinky dream around last Saturday.
Originally I wasn't going to share it, but Tam's revelation gave me the courage...

My dream was of a younger and stronger me, as an onlooker as a Captain -who looked like my late girlfriend's late father- plead with two stone faced Colonels, played by Alan Alda, and Wayne Rodgers, (whom I always despised for their politics) for the opportunity to rescue his men. They stood in their Korean War era Class A uniforms the picture of detached arrogance. As they were about to order him to forget the notion, I took out my pistol and shot both of them. I exchanged my CZ-52 for Hawkeye's Beretta 92, just as Dwight David Eisenhower walked in, (not Tom Selleck, actual Ike.) "They were about to shoot the Captain and myself Sir!" I fibbed to the Supreme Allied Commander. "Really! Why does he have your sidearm?" I put on my total innocent look. "He took it from me a week ago! Sir!" The General took the pistol from the holster, handed it to me. "You better take it back. You'll need a weapon you're comfortable with. You'll be going with the Captain to retrieve his men." He handed me my gun and both Hawkeye, and Trapper's gunbelts. "You'll need these more than they ever did." Captain Loren asked "What of them?" "After you leave, they will have been discovered in a wrecked HumVee. Major, you might want to lose that barrel, before you return to base." I made a note to switch it out before I left.

As I walked out the door, following Captain Loren, I woke up.

The dream, unreal as it was, left such an impression on me, I seriously considered changing out the barrel on my CZ-52. If Alan Alda had carked during the night, I'd have done it on the spot.

And used the old one as a welding rod!

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