Saturday, November 6, 2010

A few reflections on electricity

Anyone who knows me, locally, knows I'm trying to build a small cabin. On a trailer to start with, then I'll slide it off when I get to my land. Maybe build 2 or 3 more things on the trailer. To slide off when I get to the land. Main Cabin, Work Shop, Small Barn or bunkhouse.

The main thing is figuring out the electrical plans. I already decided not to have outlets at the 12 to 18" level above the floor. Almost 95% of my aggravations of current injuries, result from trying to plug in stuff to those close to the floor outlets. Outlets at the three to four foot above the floor. That's the way I'm going to go.

Also I'm going to use LED, or filament bulbs, rather than the CFLs. If you've ever taken a shock from a circuit with florescent lights within, you'll know why. If I ever felt it necessary to use torture to get answers, I'd use a power strip with 5 CFL fixtures plugged in, and a length of lamp cord to apply the 'persuasion'. I guarantee I'd get answers from the most stubborn Taliban Terrorist. Or maybe justice for all that tacky '24' Mom made me watch.

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