Sunday, November 14, 2010



I never understood how an insulting strip search by McDonalds rejects was a reasoned response to Muslim Arabs declaring jihad upon us.

In college, I wrote and directed a stage play called GUN CONTROL. Basically it was a line of people holding wooden guns, a politician would walk up to a person, and tell them due to the gun related death of the previous person, they no longer had the right to have a gun, a policeman behind the politician would take the gun, and the stereotypical burglar in striped shirt, porkpie hat, and cat mask would walk up and shoot the disarmed subject.

rinse and repeat.

The play ran for two days before the college administration shut it down, claiming it as too violent. Other plays in the series had luridly depicted rapes and murders. The instructor gave me an A+ because the play was shut down. He was not a fan of the Second Amendment, he was a huge fan of inflammatory. My play by being shut down, became a box office success.

More so, video of the play circulated the campus and outlying areas for months afterward. The video was even co-opted for a student protest of administrative interference in student affairs. "1984 in more than year" ran the headline in the underground paper.

I guess I've always been a right wing agitator!

Hey Barry! you da man!
And I'm sticking it to ya!

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