Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I might be a Republican

I certainly am NOT a Democrat.

Don't pigeonhole me as "Another God Damn Republican".
First off, referring to God when you despise the entire concept of God and Religion, Annoys me.
Secondly you have this image of a 'republican' in your mind,
That has nothing to do with who I am.
Indeed, if you saw my book recommendations, on half.com, you'd think me a fluffy liberal of the tree-hugging, animal coddling variety.
I have personally helped the poor and downtrodden.
I have held a rape victim, until the police could get her to the hospital.
I have stopped two men from going at each other with knives.
I have even stopped someone from violently opposing an arrogant Democrat, stopped that person from their intention of bashing those arrogant, hateful thoughts on the sidewalk by the simple expedient of bashing that empty head open on said sidewalk.

You can't win an argument with a liberal, because they, like a willful child, mean to have what they want, no matter how much of your money they have to spend to do it. No matter how many of your children have to fight and die to achieve their perceived vision of utopia.

They really don't want to give every burnout on the street corner medical insurance. That could have been done with a deal with the insurance companies. Every one in the US, including illegals, could be insured for $431.00 each. Roughly 130 Billion. Cheaper. More Sensible. They didn't go that route. They wanted to seize control of the one sixth of our economy that the insurance industry represents. They want to hire more goons for the Internal Revenue Service. If their intentions are benign, why are they using the nation's most detested agency for enforcing their self serving mandate?

The quote from Daniel Webster in a previous post says it all.
They mean to govern.
They mean to be Masters.

We are Americans! We are not meant to be Governed, or Enslaved. Most of this we did to ourselves. We stood by while power-hungry demagogues carved themselves large slices off of our freedoms.

Tam over on her blog says it best. The constitution is not a document 'granting us rights'. Those rights are ours from God. The constitution is basically like a list of instructions limiting what government can and can not do to us.

Basically when someone sneers at the tea party. Or scoffs at people who protest the encroaching of our freedoms. I look at that person like one of Issac Asimov's Robots on the one planet looked at regular people, "You are NOT a HUMAN BEING!".

If you have a problem with my not handing you over all my guns, all the money I earned, and the virtue and destiny of me and mine....
You certainly aren't a Fellow American.
Ever FDR with his Fascist, Globalist leanings considered me a 'Fellow American'.
You in the party characterized by a jackass.
You don't even consider me as anything that matters.
It's okay for me to work myself to death in a job that strips my soul, and breaks my heart, as long as I remember to pay you 40% of my earnings for 'the privilege'.
It's okay for me to volunteer to fight on some foreign soil for your ambitions.
But when I think I can constitutionally carry a gun to keep what little you decide to leave me, I've crossed the line.

I don't know what the votes will reflect in 24 hours.
But as the 'Hope and Change' has gone from Bad to Worse, we need to see some light at the end of this tunnel.

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