Monday, February 28, 2011

.505 Gibbs Ammo.

Well I thought about the almighty .505 Gibbs. As .505 Gibbs owner Kevin 'Doctari' Robertson once stated "I've owned a .505 Gibbs for two decades, and every time it's been fired, the Scotsman in me said There goes a bottle of good single malt scotch!". I am already looking into reloading. I understand the folding of the Kynoch ammunition company in the 80's, forced a bunch of African .505 Gibbs owners into reloading.

On special sale, I can get ammo for about $9 a round. By an insane coincidence, I got 50 cases, from a sporting goods store. They were special ordered by a customer who never returned. I said something about that caliber in earshot of the owner. He came out with the bag of brass, put them in in hands, and said "Happy Birthday"!

Easily $200 worth of brass at the prices he could have sold it for.....
He just got an exemption to the dinner and movie policy I usually have!

I want to reload fired brass, with wheelweight metal for range and practice....

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