Tuesday, June 14, 2011

after three days!

I was totally pissed off, someone had taken my Jennings 22LR pistol.

Actually I loaned it out to them. I thought they knew how to care for a gun.
They didn't. They lubed it with BABY OIL!
I got it back, it looked like it was covered in TOE JAM!
I'm still convinced it would benefit from a day in the can of carb cleaner.

Since last Friday, I have been trying to get this sweet, inexpensive pistol, to act like a pistol again. Two years of abusive neglect, had turned it into a paperweight.
It would fire the first round, maybe chamber and fire a second.

I left it alone for 36 hours or so. I looked around for specifications on springs and such, Jennings/Bryco, Jiminez Arms, and a host of others are out of business. I genuinely miss them. They were experts in "Giving a fish". After they went out of business, I had to learn how to wind a spring to a specific weight, size and tension. Fortunately, I had already learned to wind RF and tattoo machine coils.

I had left it alone. now it feeds 4-5 rounds without jamming. If I can get it to fire the whole clip, I'll count it good. I guess I'll see if I can get it to fire the full clip, soak the whole beast in carb cleaner, then powder-coat the pistol, not necessarily black, lime green for preference. I'll settle for blue, pink, safety orange. Whatever is in the hopper, when I get it into the shop.

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