Thursday, June 9, 2011

What do you know?

I was just braced on the internet by a back-stabbing (is there any other kind?) liberal.

He's one of the types who shrieks "You don't know what you're talking about!".
He thinks he shouts this often enough he'll discredit me, and walk off with my women.

The discussion topic was Weapons of Mass Destruction.
"What the fuck can someone like you know about That!"
(you could just hear the 'You Fat Fuck' hanging out there, unsaid.)

I proceeded to tell him at length about the Gun Method of obtaining Critical Mass.
I then discussed the virtues and faults of slapping two sub-critical mass hemispheres together, vs. compressing a ball by use of explosives. I mentioned the differences that using TNT over C4 would make in a projected yield.

Finally I closed in for the kill, "What do I know about Weapons of Mass Destruction? I own a Rottweiler, and he sports an uncropped tail."

"You wanking Liberal Bitch! I have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of Weapons of Mass Destruction!"

He hasn't returned to the discussion group.

It must be my breath!

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