Thursday, June 2, 2011

welfare! government! nobody needs em!

The people who bitch about voting for elected offial!

They need to stop trying to fix government, and build infrastructure.

You can't have universal healthcare without a couple hundred thousand more doctors. I need to build a new circle of friends.

First requirement is the ability to legally drive. Right now, I'm the only person in my extended circle of family and friends with a driver's license!

I once wrote a story about a welfare state where one man, supported the entire welfare state by his own labors. It took me places I didn't even know existed! One man, supporting the entire planet by his constant labors, It proved so depressing, I finally burned the story and all it's drafts.

Imagine for a moment, soldiers, policemen, librarians, everyone on the planet, dependent upon whether you turn in a day's work. Imagine caring so much for these teeming, uncaring millions that you feel obligated to work yourself to death so they could achieve a luxury that you can never find, a luxury they take as their just due, one they don't deserve and wouldn't work for!

Someone needs to run with me on this train of thought!

That's the difference, we care, they care about their appearance and the next ten seconds!

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