Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Hero!

Someone just entered our house without knocking.

Someone who doesn't live here, and doesn't have even the temporary right.
Most people realize this is not a good idea.
For I am armed, and have the reputation of being inclined to clobber unannounced intruders.
I heard the door crash open, and someone come rapidly into the house.
Dad's cocker/dingo/spaniel was barking up a storm.
I came out with my .45 willing to shoot if I figured it necessary.
My Dog, Ra-Chester the Probable Rottweiler.
Already had the intruder cornered.
With a growling promise, that things would get very unpleasant.
If he moved even a little bit.
We knew the fool, he was drunk.  He came yea close to being shot!
After my dog explained matters to him, he would rather have been shot!

I need a suppressor, I need to be able to shoot someone without waking up my neighbors,
or harming my dogs hearing!

Is that my sweet, noble little cupcake?

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