Saturday, December 24, 2011

ode to the former neighbors!

In the early 70's, we had a couple move into the house next door to us.  Nice looking young couple.  After a couple of days they came over and introduced themselves.  He taught college classes at the university 30 miles west.  She taught junior high in the town 30 miles east.  We thought them wild crazy hippies.  They were both from New York City.  Despite their big-city upbringing, we found ourselves trusted with the keys to their cars, house, garage.  And we had an arrangement where they picked up our mail, when we left on vacation.  He was building his career as a university professor.  This involved 14 to 16 hour days.  She would often come over and visit.  When they divorced after almost 11 years of marriage, it hurt us more than them. 

I look back on a life that has been full of pain and disappointment.  I still see the shining, idealistic, hopeful, faces of the neighbor couple, as they came over and introduced themselves.  The close knit friendship that developed was all them, our family were bemused bystanders.

Pete and Lois, you were the best neighbors and friends we could have ever had.

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