Sunday, December 18, 2011

vita mix, ninja pulse, fiddlesticks!

For about 35 years, my blender of choice has been the Oster Goodwill Model.  This is the Mosin Nagant of blenders.  The Kenmore Laundry Set of blenders.  You can walk into any thrift shop, maybe even a pawn broker, and walk out with one of these cheap.  I once walked into a pawn shop with a blender set I got at Goodwill for 5 bucks, and got $20.  Admittedly the street value, new was $180.  But I needed the $20, in 60 days I went back and got my blender set back for $25.  My total investment in the blender was $10, the most I paid for this blender.  The blade set up will fit a mayonnaise jar, or a canning jar.  It is also flexible enough to fit a 13 oz lighthouse dressing jar.  Small jars will grind up small portions faster.   I actually spent $13.00 for two go cups meant for the Oster. I have been seduced by fancy named blenders.  They all suck.  If I smoke an Oster, I usually have a spare handy.  Once I tried to McGyver this platform into Vitamix Territory.

I took a washer motor, set it up to drive a broken Oster machine at 10,000-ish RPMs.
The bright side is that with the lid off the blender jar you can repaint a room instantly.
The dark side is that the power company will be dancing naked outside your door!

I sold it to a crazy hippie lady, She makes alfalfa, and wheat grass drinks, the power company should have given me a medal!

FTC Disclosure.  I received no compensation for the products mentioned in this entry.   However if any of the companies wish to compensate me in cash, goods, or services, I will gratefully accept.

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