Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Wow, Lindsey Lohan getting out of rehab was bigger news than Dee Williams, and the tiny house movement.

In other words, homeless people are freezing to death right now because of the antics of a self indulgent spoiled brat, alleged to be an actress due to a childhood spent portraying a small child -typecasting- in movies.

Talk about your butterfly effects.

Maybe if it weren't that I'm close to homeless right now, I'd be a little more charitable toward the less fortunate like Lindsey.  After all she's got to feel pretty useless and worthless to cycle in and out of rehab that much.

Maybe she could help the homeless.  Her and Paris Hilton, could maybe build a Habitat for Humanity house in 26 cities every year!  That might even be television I'd care to watch.  Toss in those useless Cardassian (Kardashian) sisters too.  Not Snooki though.  The prospect of Snooki with a hammer, or worse a pneumatic nailer, scares me more than Stephen King,  or M Night Shyamalan, could ever hope to. 

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