Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holding Out For A Hero!

That 1985 Bonnie Tyler Song pretty much captures my feelings now. I keep holding out hope that I'm going to wake up one morning, and find out the last 25 years were all a bad dream. My youth, strength, stamina, and determination will be at their 1984 levels.

Ronald Reagan was the worst thing that ever happened to our country according to my pot smoking hippie acquaintances. Somehow he got a second term. His VP got a term.

BO got in on sheer iconography. The effin' Democrats got religion, and he's the frakkin' messiah. Like the kids in the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. I never saw that coming.

The Republicans should have Bought that song and played it to Death over pics of McCain/Palin. All the gun blogs are showing a vid of Rahm Emmanuel posturing on a stage with a Brady bunting.

We SO NEED a hero!

My next Harley may have to be named Rocinante

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