Thursday, February 5, 2009

Screaming Democrats

I freely admit I have a carrying voice. I also admit to a raise in volume when I get into a subject.
The next Democrat that accuses me of screaming, when I issue a less than laudatory, worshipful opinion on our dear leader....

I will hold their pencil-neck firmly in my fist.
I will position their face exactly 18 inches from my mouth.
Then I will show them the actuality of me screaming.

Silly Democrats! If your ears aren't ringing, I wasn't screaming.

Screaming is the code word of the Dishonest Democrats. You issue an opinion they don't like, they scream that you were screaming at them, and act all injured.

Next one that says I'm screaming, won't have to act....

I wonder if fish and wildlife would open a season on mindless ObamaBots!

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