Monday, February 2, 2009

A question for my readers!

All 5 of you!
Hopefully more.
If someone does something that damages you.
Then says,
I didn't MEAN to!
They are expecting some degree of forgiveness.
My stand on the matter is that new, vicious, painful, tortures should be instantly invented on the spot for them.

These people blast through your life, thinking only of what they want, what they think they need. When they discover their actions have you actively thinking of their painful murder, they trot out that trite phrase, with the plaintive accent upon the third word.

Both your hands are chopped off at the wrist.
One was a deliberate action.
The other the person didn't MEAN to!
which hand is more missing?

If there is justice and an after life.
Such people will spend ALL of it, getting viciously hurt on all levels.
By people who "Didn't MEAN to!"....

1 comment:

Brigid said...

Backing up and stepping on someone's foot. That's a "I didn't MEAN to" because it was not planned. Much of the circumstances to which that phrase is applied doesn't fall in that category. Some things are forgiven, if one is very young or very old. I'm all for accountability for the rest.