Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Do I......

I find some people's actions incomprehensible.
They have a similar gulf of understanding with me.
Years ago, when I was a non-smoker, I had the habit of carrying a BIC lighter.
This, as The Oracle of The Matrix would say, Totally Baked the Noodle of a waitress of my acquaintance. She had (has) a totally fascist viewpoint, that since I didn't smoke, I shouldn't be carrying a lighter. I and my Dad, being social coffee drinkers, frequented the establishment-s where she worked. Finally I explained, that I had the right to carry an object, whether she approved or not. Surrendering my lighter to her, would only mean that neither of us would have fire when we wanted it.

Somehow I'm sure she is a Democrat. Just from her favorite utterances......
You can't say that!
I'm sure you shouldn't do that!
There should be a law......

I finally sat down my coffee cup, paid for my coffee, and said.
"Look honey! If you wanna run the world, run for office."
"I am an American God damn it! I will not be Opressed, Repressed, Supressed, or Depressed!"

She was also the kind of person who'd conplain about your smoking! while taking a half-minute drag on her own cigarette.

That is what put Obama in office, and they will never admit to a mistake.

It will be a long 4 years....

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