Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fixed it!

I'll install a new spring and plunger assembly, and I'll take the Llama .45 out for a few mags.

But first, I've gotta go get a half/dozen oops kits re-stocked.
I found out that a couple of friends were more rat than friend.
They thought their status as security guards would protect them from consequences.
I help out real cops and armored truck guards. TSA rejects stand no chance.
Make a long story short, the mall cops that pillaged my armory stock, got a visit from real
cops and armored truck guards, plus a couple biker-bounty hunters.
They apologized, paid for the parts, and with a couple other contributions, I got a bunch of
parts that need to be organized into oops kits for various models.

I got a couple of friends' Glocks that need to be totally overhauled. Sometimes these guys get so messed up, that you have to replace every spring and trigger set, then they work ok for a 2-3 year period.

That's why I don't like them much. Take a 1911, Load it! pull the slide and set the safety. 60 years later, you can take it off safe and fire out that magazine. The ammo is the weakest factor in that equation. You store a Glock with springs tensioned, you have a loaded brick.

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