Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Won!

Free Ammo! from the HPR Ammo contest.

I owe you big time Tam!
I'm not at all fond of the inside ammo tray that came in the box though!
A Styrofoam tray doesn't cost much more, and it holds up under everyday use.
This heavy paper tray didn't hold up well under shipping.
My new ammo placed in a spare tray I had lying around.
I keep these, as they are good for reloading. No point spending money for plastic trays.
or time drilling out 2X4s when I have these around.
The Headstamps are a mixed lot WCC, Federal, Remington, Winchester, Star, ZZK.
Well it's not quite a free day at the range, but it sure gives me a warm glow.
Random Chance! You like me, You Really Really LIKE Me!

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