Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Worlds Collide

Whoa Bobbi, the When Worlds Collide reference slid straight across home plate, and I totally failed to lay a bat on it.

It's a glaring reminder that I'm getting old, but the pre-cable Four o'Clock Movie was a daily favorite. Two hours of electric babysitting for my Mom while she made her Broadway production known as Dinner. When Worlds Collide was a high rotation movie, we could see it once a month.

And in sixth grade, I made the discovery that personally owned paperbacks could go beyond Star Trek adaptations.

In those days you actually had to get your parents permission on file at the library and at the grocery store to be allowed access to paperback books.

My first Paperback book that I actually bought outside Star Trek 8, was When Worlds Collide.

My first "The Book Was Better" moment.

A couple years later, I'd discover that the Dynamic Duo of Balmer and Wylie had committed the heinous sin, though I didn't know at the time, of a sequel.

Who do ya think ya are guys, Alexandre Dumas? Mark Twain?

Wow! I didn't know Twain knew Tesla!

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