Saturday, April 26, 2008

that's slightly better

Graham Norton is hosting Tony Curtis and Kevin Bacon! In reverse order of eminence, my favorite male star, and the daddy of my favorite female star...

I'll put the pistol down and let my tv live another day.....

I have a special relationship with my TV.
It's the same relationship Scheherazade had with the Sultan.

Not fair both ways, Sherry didn't have access to the entire recorded body of knowledge.
I also give my TV the night off several days a week.
What I'm paying for cable, I should hire people to watch it when I don't.
Wait! I already have them! they are called freeloading, scum, roomies....
I keep them around in case the tv is too damned good, and I still feel like shooting something.

Joking! Matt! Joking!

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