Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cartridge Adapter

This is what got me into the blogging racket to begin with.

I was looking for some adapters to put in a 12 gauge to fire a lesser round.
Now I am the proud possessor of a couple of NEF rifles. One a combo that allows .410 and .45 long colt. And one that fires 45-70. I was looking at an adapter to fire .45 ACP. Being advised that the .458 barrel of the 45-70 might not be so good for the .451 bullet of the ACP round, I decided to save some machining time, and skip that option. But I still think the adapter for the .410/.45LC is a good option. Essentially it will be a solid brass shell, making up the difference between the length of the .45ACP case and the 3" length of the .410. The center will be drilled to have a spring loaded firing pin which would transfer the motion from the firing pin to the primer of the .45 ACP

I have collected several medium large deer with .45 Long Colt. With some of these newer options, I'd like to harvest a couple freezer fillers with the .45ACP cartridge. I'm sure that sinterfire and hydra-shok bullets would bring the challenge back into hunting.

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