Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Difference Between Nude and Naked

Nude is artistic self-expression. Naked is defenseless. The attempted break-in November 2nd followed by the shootings in Fort Hood, and Lakewood, sort of firmed up my commitment to carry.

I joked to a friend on the other side of the state that I was considering starting a Second Amendment Nudist Club. Open Carry Obviously!

In fact I now am mildly wondering what would comprise a good "Shower Gun". I am thinking the Taurus titanium .38 discreetly tucked into a folded towel.

It does seem that all I have to do to get the doorbell to ring, is hop into the shower.

I was going over the mechanics of a good hollowpoint round when my Dad, someone whom I thought "gets it" asked, "Why you wanna hurt someone?"

Merely "hurting someone" who has the terminal stupidity to do something to get me to point a gun at them to begin with isn't on the agenda. They need to be stopped. If they are smart enough to lie face down with their hands interlaced behind their heads, well and good. If they aren't, well Darwin gets vindicated, and some Democrat is gonna whine about how I violated that assailants right to bust my head open and take my property.

The ideal bullet would not "hurt someone". It would kill them, their immediate family, their best friends, their loved ones, their housepets, and most importantly their Lawyers!

Just remember Class! Every week you're out at the range, you get better at defending yourself, well more accurate anyway.

More importantly every week ten thousand gun owners go to the range, represents one sleeping pill in Josh Sugarmann's pill bottle.

I will ship a Chocolate Chip Cookie to whoever can direct me to his statement where he said he felt like overdosing on pills and booze because of the pro gun gains.....

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