Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love mean's learning to let go.........

I'm in the process of learning that lesson now. Distant relatives of my beloved, wish to also deprive me of my son. They were never there for her for a single second when she was alive.

I was there, for her and my son. I wish to honor her wishes, and raise our son in a manner she would wish.

They won't let me. They have alleged all sorts of untrue items.

A Child Protective Services court isn't a reasonable doubt court. It doesn't operate on preponderance of evidence. It is a court where whoever lies best wins.

I'd win in the court of public opinion even.

I'm of the glum opinion, I'll have to appeal to the successor of Robert Stack on Unsolved Mysteries a generation or so from now.


Lisa said...

I am so, so sorry. xo

John B said...

Thank You Kindly Lisa.
I'm still in the fight.