Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elena Kagan

Big debate on Dear Leader's new nominee.


Brigid said...

John - there are no words to extend that will comfort you.

Be strong, know that people care.

As for your son, I have friends as well that have been through that, the lies win over the judge more often than truth. Just be there, be a good example of calm under persucution, and love like there's no tomorrow, even if it's froma distance you can't span yet.

Bless you.

John B said...

I've been astonishingly calm on the weekends, there isn't much I can do regarding recovering Loren on a Sunday.

Right now I facing the Bruce Springsteen Dilemma. 300 channels and nothing on.

Bolger Altizer said...

Funny blog. I also am a locksmith at Anderson Locksmith LLC. I do think fishing, hunting and locksmithing go hand-in-hand lol.